Saturday, 27 March 2010

if this old barn could talk

Lovers, I'm having trouble with this blog as of late. You see The Boat and I have moved up to the family farm (sans family) and there isn't any internet. I'm working on getting this changed but for the time being my blog updates will be fewer.

One of the reasons I love Ontario is for the old rural barns. To me they help define this glorious landscape. More and more I am seeing these barns in various states of collapse and I'm afraid to say that I think that the old wooden barn is becoming an endangered species. It's getting harder to see an old wooden barn standing straight and strong. I always think when I drive past a real good looker "please stay like that forever" but I know it won't.
This picture is of the barn at my farm. About 6 years ago the roof caved in and ever since then the seasons have been slowly grinding her down. It's a real heartbreaker watching this happen but I haven't the time or the resources to stop it.

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