Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hello. My name is also The Boat

About a year ago I blogged about trying to give Alan less of a dorky name. We tried to change it to Paddy but it didn't stick. For about 7 months we tested different names but nothing ever caught on. I used to be embarrassed to call him in public places because people would laugh when they found out that his name was Alan. They'd say "Well that's the first time I've ever heard of a dog named Alan!" then they'd call their dog "Come on Rover!" and walk away. Once I called him and a man answered me - turns out his name was Alan too. Guess what my dad's name is? A few days ago I accidentally called my dog "father".

I've now accepted that Alan is stuck with a human name that, when used for a dog, is 100% nerdy. I know he will never really be the cool kid in class and I'm pretty sure that cool dogs with cool dog names make fun of him behind his tail. But Alan has a cool nickname that the other cool dogs don't even know about. I use it on him about 70% of the time. He’s called Alan when we are being formal or when he is being very naughty but the rest of the time I call him The Boat or Boaty. It’s a very suitable name for him for reasons I will never know.


Harry said...


Lost Nation Design said...


I think the feeling is mutual xx

Alison said...

we call my mum boat. it started cause toe said her hair flips out like the sails of a ship and if she caught a good wind.... well you know.... then it became bodie... like swayze in point break cause they totally have the same hair. when she is being funny we call it the boat show. the boats need to meet. i bet it'll be knotty! i love your boat angel already.

Kevin Bacon said...

he he this made me laugh so much that i couldnt even laugh out loud and the laugh was silent