Monday, 1 March 2010

Toronto, My Love

There is a little game I like to play in my head where cities are my lovers and I give them a lover-type-status. Here are a few examples

New York star crossed lovers in a previous life
Paris nice..... perhaps a bit too nice
Montreal so cute but a little on the short side
London never returns my phone calls
And on it goes.

I don't think it is any secret that Toronto is my kindred spirit-my true love. It's the city that shaped me and gave me my stride. I have experienced so many wondrous things on those streets. I can't even begin to list the reasons for loving Toronto the way I do but I feel like it loves me back. It always gives me a hug when I need it and it supplies me with endless magical moments. It's the boyfriend of all cities and it just knows how to press the right buttons. So stay sweet Toronto - keep those big beautiful arms open for me next time I visit. Oh! and one more thing, please take care of my Buoyfriends and all of my other dearhearts because they are the ones that make it a magical place.


Hannah said...

hey, i've some sunshine for you! i've awarded your fab blog with the 'sunshine award'
have you heard of it?
no i hadn't either.
you can find out more over on my blog pages ;0) han x

Alison said...

it so loves you back.