Friday, 12 March 2010

The downside of dandelion wine

The Elkadee has been extinct for many many years. In fact, most people don't even know that such a bird ever existed but it did.

The Elkadee was given antlers as a punishment for being greedy. It had a beak so hard and strong that it could remove bark from trees with little effort. Under the bark it would eat and eat and eat, more insects than it ever needed. It was a very chubby bird and didn't like to fly so it would spend most of its day drinking dandelion wine, burping and rolling about the branches gorging on insects.

The Mothers of the Forest had enough of this bird and softened the Elkadee's beak and gave it antlers to teach it that you had to work hard in life. But the Elkadee was lazy and found the antlers to be cumbersome and heavy. Instead of learning to use the antlers to break away bark the Elkadee pouted and starved. Within 17 seasons the Elkadee was no more, only the wind in the woods remembers it’s story. I think that if you listen carefully when you are next in the woods and the wind blows you may hear an Elkadee burp.


Alison said...

my favourite thing to do on saturday morning is read your blog cause it reminds me of knotty times when we'd get up early on the weekend and adventure the city on bikes with coffee and island as our main agenda. toronto will always love you but it needs a little something something once and a while to let it know you still care. i know you were just here but it was a tease... we need more! when are you coming again!!!!
por favor mi amor, no sólo en sueños...
or parts of toronto can come to you?

Lost Nation Design said...


I'd like you to come and stay with me for ever. I'll be back in Toronto in April and maybe I'll stay with you and that Patrick Swayze look-a-like that makes really nice muffins...