Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Doggy ate the Poison

Look at my sweet one crushing all my plants as they sprout

Where have I been? I don't know... up to no good I suppose. I actually feel like I haven't had a chance to think about this old blog. So many things have happened and I haven't felt as though I've had a spare moment to come and talk about it.

My little doggy got into some trouble yesterday that almost killed him. On our morning walk down to the river he found a tin can filled with blue barley and tuna bits and I couldn't get it off of him. I was being all nice to him at the beginning because I didn't know what the blue barley was, I kept saying 'leave it' in a really nice voice. The rescue horses in the nearby field came to the gate to see what was happening. But after about a minute I panicked because blue barley isn't natural and he was gorging himself on this stuff and I flipped out and I screamed 'LEAVE IT YOU LITTLE SHIT!' and the can dropped out of his little mouth and he looked soooooo shocked. I got the can and looked up to see my horsey friends (Dirty and Niblets) staring at me utterly disgusted for verbally abusing my dodgey. I got home and told Hazzy and he told me it was rat poison. I learnt a little trick in 'nam that if a dog eats poison you pour salt down the back of it's throat and that induces vomit. I've done before with my old dog Cocoa and it worked but Alan is too cunning and we couldn't get enough in him. So we took him to the vet and they sorted him out. We have pet insurance though, our excess is £70 and the bill came to £71.84 so I'm not sure if we are going to take the time to make a claim for £1.84.


pauline said...

poor alan!!

i was just noticing on my walk with my doggie today how much disgusting litter there is everywhere! in our 1/2 hour walk, i must have said it a thousand times (nicely at first, then panicky and loud later, yes, the neighbours think i have turrets) "Bitte, off. OFF. OFF BITTE OFF!! OFF OFF OFF GIVE DROP SIT!!"

here's a list of our findings that i eventually had to pry open my puppy's mouth to retreive today:
- double A battery
- ribs (as in bones from some one's ribs dinner)
- gum wrapper
- misc cardboard and paper
- a bag of dog shit (yup, try pulling that out of a dog's mouth - note to self, bring paper towels on the next walk... and rubbing alcohol)
- tim hortons coffee cups, and lids
- beer bottle caps
- tetra pack juice box

...and after all that, we got home, and she headed straight for the cats' litter box and ate one of their poops. -_-

hope alan is recovery quickly!


Lost Nation Design said...

Dodgey's are so gross sometimes. Little puppy-pants are the worst at eating stuff they shouldn't. My doggy eats poop quite a bit. He actually has a monthly cycle.
Week 1: No poo
Week 2: No poo
Week 3: A teeny bit of poo

Just thinking about it makes me want to be sick.

disa said...