Thursday, 26 March 2009

This little piggy went to market

Bird Buntings made from recycled envelopes

Hazzy and I have a pretty sweet life. We have a nice cozy home, friendly neighbours, beautiful countryside and loads of fresh air, a little dog, we even have a pub 100m from our doorstep. But we can't go to the pub most of the time because we don't have any spare cash. The last time we went there was about 2 months ago. We know we are lucky and we've chosen this life but man does it ever get stressful sometimes. We've decided that we don't want to change what we are doing we need to do things differently. So after listening to feedback from people we've decided to have a market stall selling stuff we make. We are having our first stall next week in Totnes and I'm really really excited. In fact that's the reason I didn't blog for a month. Every evening I do about 3 hours of market work. I call it 'market research' because I am funny....... We sell things that are made from from recycled material or vintage pieces that we've freshened up. It's going to be exciting. Hopefully it will make us some spare cash so we can afford to buy a pint or 2.

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