Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Thanks, but you're not my type

rocks love snow

bird tracks are soo nice
The most incredible thing happened to me today when I was taking dog dog for a walk. We were walking through the woods to get to these big fields on the other side. I was busy photographing animal prints in the snow. I was hoping to find some deer tracks because a huge group of Red Deer live in this wood. Anyways I found some Bambi tracks and dog was running around with a gross bone he'd found (section of a sheep rib-cage). I took some photo's and started walking again. Then out of the forest no more than 15 feet in front of me jumped this huge buck, his antlers were gigantic. The dog was on the other side of him and almost got trampled. I couldn't move because I was shocked. Then out jumps another one even closer to me. And then behind me a doe jumps out. I stood there for a long while to make sure nothing else was coming-the last thing I want is to be trampled by a 500lb deer. Dog was so excited, he was running around trying to find where they went. We continued on and got to the first field and down at the bottom end of it the 2 bucks were crossing it. They were doing a big circle to get back to the woods. They saw me and stopped moving and one turned and faced the other and they smashed their antlers together! It was so beautiful! I think they were trying to court me and I didn't have the heart to tell them that beards do it for me-not antlers.

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