Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow Day

tree+snow= beautious one

my snowy village

Wheeeeeeeee! We went to bed last night and big chunky snowflakes were coming down and this morning when I got up it looked like Canada. We got a proper snowfall-finally! And to make more of an adventure of our day we didn't have any power this morning and we are snowed in! We are stuck! I love snow and I really miss it being in England but it's here now and our little village looks like it was just made for heavy snowfalls. I have some lovely memories of snow and thought I'd share with you a little story about snow.

We used to go up to our farm every weekend in the winter when I was growing up and it was always so exciting when we got there. Most times we'd arrive and the snowplows would have put a huge snowbank up on our driveway so my mom and dad would get out of the truck and shovel it away. Our driveway is a very long one probably 150 meters, my dad would back up the truck into the mouth of the drive right by the road. Then out came the toboggan on went all our supplies and we'd go back and forth up the long driveway between the truck and the house. I remember Annika and I always being so excited when we got there. Our farm is in a Snowbelt and the snow would always be so deep. I felt so lucky to experience this because in Toronto the snow wasn't nearly as deep. Then my dad would light the wood stove and turn the power on in the house. For as long as I live I will never forget the feeling of getting inside a house that was the same temperature as outside. Annika and I would put two chairs in front of the stove and drink hot chocolate and warm up. Sooooo nice.
it's hard having to go so far to work in the snow
(kitchen door to wood shop)

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