Sunday, 8 February 2009

Box of Goodies

look at these two! what a bunch of sweet peas

I can't even talk about this one (single tear leaking from my eye)

I think that's Mussolini on the stamp. Don't tell me if I'm wrong
(I like to pretend I have a postcard with a dic...tator on it)

She made me sad so I adopted her

James came over yesterday and read us the first 21 chapters of his book. It isn't finished yet and the publishers haven't even looked at it so it felt like a real treat. We had the fire going and the house was all cozy and warm. Ahhhhhhh it was so nice. He'd been at an auction before he came to our house and he bought (amongst other things) a box of 1000 vintage postcards and photos. He took a handful but left the rest with us. Now the house is covered in old black and white photos and amazing postcards with sweet notes on them. They all have that amazing musty paper smell that makes me high. There are really too many gems to show here, soooo if anyone wants an old postcard in the me your address and I'll send you one. These are my favourite ones and I already have a sentimental attachment so don't expect to receive them. But that's my only clause.
Happy Sunday Everyone!

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