Monday, 9 February 2009


are you that nice?

half of my kitchen window

Hazzy gave me £10 in the fall so I could buy bulbs for my garden. When I brought them home I put them on the windowsill in the kitchen and thought how beautiful they looked there. That was in October. I kept on meaning to plant them but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I loved seeing my pretty bags of bulbs on the sill. Before I knew what was happening it was January and I still hadn't planted my bulbs. Then I felt sad because I wasn't going to have any pretty flowers around because I'd enjoyed the company of bulbs too much. But I thought 'why not grow a little garden in jars?' So I got all the glass bottle and jars and egg cups I could find and I filled them with water and stuck a bulb (sometimes 2 or 3 and in one case 4) in each. My bulbs began to root and grow and I'd watch their progress. My first one bloomed today and I think 4 more are going to bloom tomorrow. Ohhhhhh I love flowers growing.

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