Saturday, 31 January 2009


completely unrelated to Pauline...but what a little foxy angel

Back in 2007 I had a shitty little contract job at Hatley in Toronto. I was making spec sheets and organizing pantone colours. I got the job because my friend Dee worked there. The technical designer was this awesome girl named Pauline. I worked with her for a month and then she came in one day and rather abruptly handed in her 2 weeks notice-she and her lover were moving to Vancouver. She said it was kind of unplanned and they just decided to move...but I always had my reservations (am I right Pauline? How long had you been planning your escape?) Anyways Pauline left and Hatley stopped being a fun place to work. They ran out of stuff for me to do so they let me go soon after. (Which is the best thing that ever happened to me because I had 1 month unemployment and decided to change my life and start making furniture.)

Anyways what the hell ever happened to Pauline? Well let me tell you. Pauline still lives in Vancouver has started an amazing clothing company called flora & fauna. This is the type of clothing company that I whole-heartedly support. flora & fauna clothing is produced locally, ethically and sustainably. If that isn't good enough for you Pauline is obsessed with all animals especially kitty cats, she is very good at making avocado pits sprout and she has named all her pieces in her Spring 2009 collection after animals. Cute! Go and have a goosey gander at her website and blog and see what sorts of cool and inspiring things she is doing.


pauline said...

LOL... aww.... you... come here and gimme hugs!!

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