Friday, 30 January 2009

The Etsy Resolution


Soooooo, we have a little problem with our jointer right now. It's fixable but it requires a tool that we don't have. We are going to go into town to buy it this afternoon. I've decided that this morning is the perfect time to start making things to sell on ETSY. I have made an internal resolution that my Etsy shop is going to be opened on February 14. It's an easy day to remember and it's soon so I have to stop procrastinating. I stumbled on Etsy over christmas doing a random online search I can't believe I didn't know it existed until then. Etsy is absolutely inspired. It's an online marketplace where people can buy and sell handmade things. I think there are over 170 000 shops. There are so many frickin’ talented creative people in the world I can’t even handle it. Go and look at Etsy ( and do it when you have some free time because it’s addictive.

Today's picture is what I see when I look out the study window. That thatched house is called Enfield and the big tree is just beyond our local pub.

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