Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Beach Collecting and the Shark

This is the coolest thing I've ever found on a beach

Yes! I needed a new set of fabric scissors

The Good News:
I went to the best beach yesterday. I visited it back at the end of August when I first moved here and I have been wet dreaming about it ever since. It's amazing! There is one part along the shore line that apparently had a mud slide last may and it has uncovered all sorts of treasures. I think that once upon a time there must have been an old dump there because there are all types of broken crockery, old glass bottles and rusting metal. I've decided it is my duty to re home as much of this treasure as I possibly can. I love this beach, it makes my heart beat a bit faster when I think about it. I went with Alan (Paddy hasn't stuck) and I think it is fair to say we both had an amazing time.

The Bad News:
(This part of the story is a bit sad because the day began with a bit of a tragedy)
As soon as we got to the beach Alan found a dogfish that had been stranded on the beach when the tide went down. The fishy wasn't doing to well because it had been out of water for a very long time. I love all animals but am really scared of touching things without legs. I knew that I had to save him and that took a lot of pep talking. I finally managed to pick him up in my bag and I took him down to the water. I kept yelling 'Come on fishies, we can do it!' Sadly by the time we got to the water the situation had worsened and fishy was dead. It broke my heart because I kept trying to get him to swim away. I was saying ''Go on fishies, swim away'' but he didn't. I tried my hardest and I couldn't save him. It was really sad.

I told Hazzy about the dogfish tragedy and he told me that they are small sharks. So the fact that I couldn't save him meant that other little fishies live because the dogfish would have eaten them. I am glad I didn't know I was picking up a shark because I don't think I would have been able to move him if I had known he had sharp teeth.

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