Saturday, 24 January 2009

Bird Song

mind your socks of yellow...saucey fellow

Ontario has nut-hatches too but in Engy they are everywhere!

Be still my heart! Long-tailed tit. Angel

I was thinking yesterday how much I am going to miss the sound of the red-winged black bird this spring. I sound like a complete wanker saying that-I know. But I never realised until last year how much bird songs put you into the spring/summer spirit. The red-winged blackbird (my favourite bird) has an amazing little song and down along the shore line in Toronto there are hundreds of them Ogle-reeeeeeeeeeeeeeing away. England hasn't got red-winged black birds but it does have some really sweet birds that Ontario hasn't got. I find it amazing how birds can migrate around the world and yet each country have there own very special varieties. I am constantly looking up birds in my bird book because there are so many birds that I don't recognize. From my kitchen window I often count 5 different types of songbird flutting about the hedge. Here are some little birdies I've drawn in honour of them being so special...and so english!

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