Friday, 23 January 2009

The Barrack Table

material: reclaimed pine, reclaimed fir and slate

old nail holes

I don't know what the best part about making this table was. I think the highlights for me was in the final hours trying to get it into the van for delivery in the pouring rain. What should have been a ten minute job turned out to take an hour because I was convinced it didn't fit inside. Which it did-I was just being dumb. Anyways the wood in this table is from huge old roof beams big 12"x 12" that were cut down ages ago when England still had lots of trees. The legs are douglas fir and I believe they were roof beams too. The black strip running down the middle of the table top is slate. We wanted a table where you can put hot dishes on it and not worry about burning the wood. She's a good chunky piece of work. I really think my dad needs to save those oak beams from the old farm house before they rot into the earth. Imagine how sexy one of these tables would be in oak!

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