Tuesday, 17 February 2009


nothing's changed wood, I still love you

I had an odd dream last night and I never got to finish it because the dog was pacing around the room and it woke me up. It was really nice and I had lots of nice t-shirts and a really awesome tan suede tool belt with lots of tassels dangling down. I don't remember why it was odd. I actually think it was more nice and stress free than anything. I think I had a bit of money because I was shopping for clothes. I had a dream when I was about 12 that I met Brian Bell from Weezer and he was staying at my neighbours house and when I woke up I was really disappointed that he wasn't there. I think when I woke up today I felt sad that I didn't have lots of spare cash.

Hazzy and I don't have a fridge. I am quite pleased not to have a fridge and never really realised how little you need one in the winter months. I occasionally miss having ice cubes and I think Haz misses ice cream but all in all our hanging bag in the barn does one hell of a job. I am worried about the weather warming up and I think we can pull off no refrigerator until April but then we'll have to go to the market and fork over some cash.

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pauline said...

...in the meantime, maybe you can try this double wall cooler thingy?