Friday, 20 February 2009

Bed Time Story

Sticky and Tickety Kicky
Lived in a house made of wool
With a path made of buttons and pennies
Cotton lawn, and a silk waterfall

They fished by the river at night time
Caught pebbles and threads from the sea
Collected them up in a hamper
And knitted crumpets for tea.

Sticky and Tickety Kicky
Spun things from wood in a barn
With a roof made from bits found on beaches
And walls that were woven from yarn

When it snowed on their house it grew larger
When it rained on their house it got small
And the things that they made deep inside it
Got stuck in the door to the hall

In the spring they grew porcelain cabbage
And lunched with some cousins and friends
Bunny, Fox, Rusty-Knees, Birdsong
All came every morning at ten

They looked at their bobbins and trinkets
And giggled at things made of straw
They stared at the pin-cushion bob-clouds
And wrote lymerics to Mr JackDaw

Then when the day was all finished
And nothing was left then to do
The sun got so heavy and droopy
And slept in a warm orange stew

They yawned as they reached for the light switch
And sighed as they turned off the stars
They slept in a pile by the door step
And dreamt patchwork dreams from a jar

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