Friday, 13 February 2009

Jeremy Kestrel

This is Jeremy Kestrel. He's the first thing I put up on Etsy
I hate days like these. They always start badly because I'm to eager when I go to bed. You know when you set the alarm a bit earlier because you have a busy day but then you are too tired when you wake up and end up sleeping in for even longer then you would on an average day? I'm also stressy because I'm opening up my etsy shop today. I couldn't find my camera charger until an hour ago and I needed it badly. And I'm pretty high on fumes right now because I am finishing a table top inside the house because it's too cold to do it in the woodshop and it stinks in here. But I think I just needed to vent and I already feel a bit better. Okay! I am going to pull my socks up and report back in a little bit.

I've just finished getting my meager sellings up on etsy! Whooooooooo! One day before my final deadline. I feel soooo good now. Although I'm sure it's because I'm high from the oil fumes. Oh well. Alan and I are going for a long walk and that will sort me out. Wheeeeeeeee!

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