Monday, 23 May 2011


For a while now I have been feeling like sometimes I could use a helping hand when it comes to production. In the winter I stumbled on an advertisement in my Betty and Veronica Double Digest for Moustache Making Pigs. I hoarded my pennies all winter and when I had saved enough I sent away for them. They arrived a few days ago and I put them to work right away. I have to admit I had some reservations...I thought this might have been some Sea Monkeys scheme but I gotta say this actually was the best 4.95 + 9.95 S&H I have ever spent. So from this day forward I have 3 oinkers that will be making my moustaches.

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Betty Bishop said...

Nice meeting you and your work on Saturday [2 female senior citizens at 3 minutes to 5] Katrine. You are on the road to somewhere important. Hope your Dad is managing. Take care,
Betty Bishop