Thursday, 9 December 2010

Thanks Friends

Well after months of hard work, little sleep and the errr....occasional cry...the One of a Kind Show has been and gone. I just want to thank all my fantastic friends for helping me out leading up to, during and after the show. I am a really lucky girl to have so many fantastic people in my life. I don't even think there are words for this-I met a lot of incredible people at the show and I just gotta thank them for rejuvenating my spirits.
I arrived back to Thornbury to a very happy dog and an insane amount of snow. At the moment it's waist high (the snow, not the Boat, he's still knee high). I've spent the last 2 days on the computer trying to get on top of work that's kinda fallen by the wayside. I hate computers. I actually hate them. Today my laptop decide to shift all the windows 90degrees clockwise. I got vertigo trying to figure out how to fix the problem. Tomorrow I will be reunited with my lover, the wood shop, where production will begin after a 2.5 week hiatus.
Okay. Now. I. Am. Boring. Myself. So I think that means I need to sign off. I think this is what the computer does to me. It makes me boring.

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