Friday, 24 December 2010

The Review

Well well well, 2010. I cannot believe you are almost finished. I no longer have to stress about whether or not I should say 2010 or Twenty-Ten. I always opted for 2010 because Twenty-Ten was a bit too left field. In the spirit of being totally clichè I have decided to do a mini review of a few things that had an impact on me this year. So here you go, Two Thousand and Ten in a nutshell.
Music Awards
1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Best Live Show)
Honestly if you are only going to one more thing in your life...this should be it
2. Local Natives (Percussion and Harmonies)
They hurt my heart in a way that makes sore hearts feel really really good
3. Dan Mangan (Best Legs on the Canadian Music Scene)
I can't stop thinking about them. It is kind of becoming a problem
My Lover

I would like to thank my lova (the wood shop) for being the such a good boyfriend. In fact old boy-I gotta say you gave Toronto a good run for it's money this year in the boyfriend department and you know what wood shop- you came out numero uno. If only I could somehow combine you and Toronto into one magical-lover-super-entity....I may break my cardinal rule and perhaps even consider one day getting married (to you, of course).

Best Place on Earth

I have an abnormal obsession with my cottage. I always have. I still cry when I have to leave it. My roots are there and so is my heart and soul. My dad built this place with a handsaw and chainsaw when he was my age and I know I have probably said that close to 1000 times but I like to repeat myself. My cottage is the greatest place on earth and everyone who comes up there falls in love. My main goal in life is to make enough money so I can take the summer off and live there.

HMS Toronto Friendship

I love these people. They make me happy. I don't know what else to say. I have some very very incredible friends and I think I finally got it this year...I am so lucky to have these awesome shakers in my life. Yay! Knotty Buoys and Co. I HEART YOU

The Kolapore

When I was being a hermit in the spring and summer and living up at the farm I spent a lot of time hiking the Kolapore. I have very strong feeling for these trails. To me they are magic. I honestly think this is a place that needs to be visited by everyone. I would recommend in the early spring or late fall because every 100 meters you enter a new ecosystem and it is very evident when the trees are beginning to bud and when they are just about to drop their leaves. It really is one of the loveliest places I have ever been. Oh, and if you can, do it solo. The forest really opens it's self to soloists.

My Guardian There is no way to say this without sounding a little odd. But I think anyone who has shared even a brief sentence with me knows I am slightly odd. The Kestrel is my guardian. In the last year this little bird has kept a pretty close eye on me. I would like to thank this bird for choosing me to look after.

Allen Gordon

I am who I am because of this guy. Thank you sir for exposing me to the forest when I was tiny. Thank you for teaching me to respect nature. Thank you for showing me how to build things. Thank you for always giving me sound advice. 2010 actually knocked the wind out of my families sail when my dad was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer. Cancer is a real bastard when you have no real options to fight it. I just want to tip my hat to my daddy for being incredibly strong and being a very fierce fighter. I Love You

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