Friday, 19 February 2010

The Walnut Moustache

M is for Moustache

When I worked for the furniture maker in Etobicoke I used to spend 2.5 hours commuting each day. It didn't bother me because I just loved what I was doing. I would always get the odd look on the subway because I guess you don't often see a girl wearing steel-toe boots and covered head to toe in saw-dust. These looks weren't check-outs (believe me) they were more little double takes. Anyways, this one particular day I don't recall exactly what we were working on but I do know that I was sanding walnut. Walnut and it's beautiful fine brown sawdust. On my ride home that night I noticed that people were looking at me for a bit longer. Men, women, children. I thought to myself "Damn Girl! You must be looking fine today!" So I sat I bit more upright and did my crossword with confidence. When I got off at my station I noticed people on the platform were looking at me too! By now my ego was bursting through the roof. When I finally got home Alison paused when I came through the door and kind of looked at me funny but I was rushing upstairs to have a shower. When I looked in the bathroom mirror I almost died. I had this really dark upper lip. It looked like I had a moustache. I looked closely in the mirror and I realised that my upper lip was coated in Walnut dust. My ego popped. I burst out laughing because I was so confident that all the riders of the TTC thought I was some sort of steel-toed vision. But really the entire time they were wondering whether or not they were sharing a train with Tom Selleck.


Hannah said...

funny story kate! i mean - oh no! hehe! oh i can just imagine that feeling of looking in the mirror and thinking what the heck *giggle*
just the look you were after i bet - tom selleck esk ;0) great moustache
han x

Lost Nation Design said...

It was the shortest ego trip ever lived. I'm just glad I didn't see anyone I knew on the way home. I just wish my boss had warned me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh well.