Friday, 19 February 2010

Kick the Bucket

Annika took hundreds of photographs when she came to visit me in Knowstone. I haven't been able to look at them for months because...well...they would upset me. But a few days ago I bit the bullet and I had a look. I was right, most of the photos made me feel melancholy but this one of me in my retired jeans melted my heart. I loved those jeans may they rest in peace and this pic is awesome because it's taken pre-hind-quarters-rotting on an incredible June evening with the beautiful rolling hills of Devon at my back.

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Hannah said...

fab pic great setting too :0)
what on earth would we do without jeans?!! i mean what else would we wear?? i have a couple of old favorites that i don't wear anymore but i can't throw out either, there's some holes in some places which makes them slightly unwearable hee. i'm hoping one day i shall find a pair just like them...still hoping ;0)