Friday, 13 May 2011

Behind the Trees

My lovely friend Gregory and I have been kinda-loosely-ish talking about him doing some photography for Lost Nation for what seems like forever. 2 weeks ago we met up for some beer and a much needed catch-up and we talked the talk again but this time something happened. 10 days after that fateful evening of brewskis, Greg arrived at the farm with all his gear and we embarked on a weekend long photo-shoot adventure. Gregory had the amazing idea of setting up a room in the just so happened that I was in the midst of finishing off a I think you know where I am going with this....we set up a bedroom in the forest. Here is a ‘making of’ shot of the magical room we created in the woods.

There are many more photos to come but I just wanted to give you a taster.

Also I wanted to say thank you to Greg for a truly wicked weekend (even though we worked it just felt like fun). Thanks to Mother Nature for the most magnificent weather. Thanks to beer for letting great ideas flow. AND. Thanks to my hands for their continued hard work.

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Hannah said...

looks bloomin' amazing!