Thursday, 21 April 2011

I have your next 5 months planned

Folks. I am opening the dusty, cobwebbed doors of my studio to the public on May 21-22-23. I am participating in the Blue Mountain Tour of the Arts and I think if anyone is itchy to get out of the city and have a wicked day trip then why don't you make this your destination. My studio is not usually an open door kind of place...and I am not always that friendly when people just swing by (this is a well-known fact up here) so please by all means take this rare opportunity to come into my work space and be welcomed with open arms and delicious local baking!

Here is more info on the tour:

Next up. Who doesn't like Muskoka? Well I most certainly do. It is a very beautiful region of this glorious province. I am pleased to announce that Lost Nation will be at the 49th Annual Muskoka Arts and Crafts Summer Show. This show takes place July 15-16-17. I believe that this is when Toronto usually has its annual garbage strike so why not skip town and spend a lovely weekend in cottage country?

And Last...If you are just going to be a homebody and not leave the city then I dare you to go east of Yonge Street. I cross my heart and swear to you that the East end of Toronto is one Helluva place. My next show doesn't happen until September so that gives you loads of time to train going eastbound. I promise you won't get a nosebleed. Lost Nation will be at the Cabbagetown Festival. Art Around the Park is where 32 Artisans set up booths around the park in Riverdale. LOVELY or What?! It's free, it's a great excuse to get out enjoy the sunshine, have a picnic and come and say 'Hello Katie Barnstaple' to which I hope I will say...."are you stalking me?" (but don't actually start stalking me...that would be weird)

I hope to see you soon.

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