Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Original Gangster

Well I have said it before but I am actually shit for never photographing my work. So now I am scouring my computer for neat images of my work because I just decided to apply for a craft show that's deadline is in 2 days. Anyways throughout this semi-manic process I stumbled across this photo and it made me smile. This little mud barn is where Lost Nation began. I used to find the concept embarrassing like...oh lets just say when I was working out of there but now I just think it is glorious. My little mud barn. My little 11` x 14` space. It is funny that when you are hell-bent on doing something you will always make it work. Even it means working in a building that was 500 years old and made of mud, gravel and horsehair without windows and heat. I am thankful that England doesn`t have Canadian winters. I am even more thankful that I don`t have to work out of there anymore but more than anything I am thankful that I had that space to get me started.

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Hannah said... what a great little place! full of quirkiness & character! & that's where it all started :0)happy days!