Friday, 12 February 2010


N is for NEST-Now available on Etsy

Oh Gosh! I said goodbye to $300 this morning. I didn't even have time to hug it or kiss it or make sure it had it's lunchbox. I was completely reckless and spontaneous...then I got a sore stomach and felt kinda sick because gals like me don't just drop money likety-split like that . But sometimes you got a spend a little to gain a little. And gain I will. I will have to wait until June but it will be so worth it because that is when me and my girl wonder Alison are going to roadtrip down to Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Festival. It is going to be such an amazing trip, I am so excited. My mid-winter blues have completely vanished and now all I can think about is long days, sunshine, dirty feet and tan lines. Now I know I am beginning to sound like a stalker but Kris Kristofferson will be performing there, he's not the reason I'm going...but he definitely made it easier to part with the money.

xo Katie


Alison said...

WWWEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. best 300$ i ever spent! oh the fun we'll have. i'll bring my uke, you can bring your harmonica and we can sing an ode to kris. e.

Hannah said...

hows the stomach? hehe!
oh it will be well worth the dosh! something to look forward to & something fab to look back on ;0) just had a peek at the festie line up. woo! what a line up! & more tba!
bet you can't wait :0) han x