Friday, 5 February 2010

Freedom's Just Another Word...

White Thoated Sparrow, how I do love your song dear sweet Canada

I'm about to be a CBC Geek again but I don't care because this is big. Guess who was on Q on Thursday? My beloved Kris Kristofferson! I actually stopped everything I was doing, sat down and was frightened to even breath just in case I missed a syllable of what he said. And let me tell you something, he did not disappoint! When the interview was done I felt so incredibly inspired. Please listen to it, I swear he will inspire you. Especially if your career path has changed and you are now following your heart.

Also I have to thank my fellow CBC Geek Alison for going on and on about Radio 2's Drive with Rich Terfry. I've started tuning in and I've decided that it's the best show on the airwaves. I love it! On yesterdays show a very precious Rich Terfry asked all the listeners to tell their friends about the show so that is what I am doing. If you want to hear the best selection of incredible Canadian Music you need to listen to Drive. CBC Radio 2 weekdays 3:30-7 (20minutes and 45 seconds into the podcast is when the Kristofferson interview starts)

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