Monday, 4 January 2010

New Years Resolution

Shotgun Chapel Birdhouse: Inspired by rural Ontario churches
The roof is driftwood hand sewn with fishing line collected from the Beaver River

So winters set in. It's c-c-cold and windy and there is so much snow. Alan has been here for 1 month and he just loves the snow. It's so deep on him but he just plows through it and where he can't plow he swims or hops like a deer. He's a very cute doggy when he's up to his little ears in the snow.
I just thought I would share my new years resolution with you because when I say something out loud I have to commit to it (except that Kite I said I was going make in 2003-that didn't happen and it probably never will...ooops). I'm branching off and I'm going to start making lighting fixtures and I will be adding them to Etsy in a few weeks. This is something I've wanted to do for a few years and figure I might as well start now.
Happy New Year
xo Katie

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