Friday, 6 November 2009

CBC Geek

Perhaps one of the best things about being back in Canada is that I get to listen to the CBC again. I missed it so much in Engy and sometimes Hazzy and I would play Age of Persuasion online as our bed time story. But there is something about being in Canada and listening to the CBC that can't be topped. My friend Alison and I call ourselves CBC Geeks because of how much of a kick we get out of the radio. Alison nominated Cheese Magic in Kensington for the Great Canadian Songquest and one afternoon they made an announcement on the radio that you had to be 'more specific than Cheese Magic' for Songquest nominations. She was so excited to be-somewhat-mentioned on the radio.

I have also been stuck in bed with the worst flu for the last 3 days so CBC has been getting a fair slice of my undivided attention and I was looking forward to listening to Q today because a very special girl I know was the Friday Live guest.

Her name is Luanda Jones and I worked with her 2 years ago and her voice is so wonderful and clean that it makes me feel like I am listening to water. She has only been in Canada for 4ish years and she's learnt english in that short time. She always wanted people at work to correct her when she mispronounced words...and we would except when she said pier instead of pear because that was tooo cute. In fact up until about 8 months ago I said pier too because it was fun. So here is a link to her website p.s. be prepared to fall in love because she is so bew-dee-ful. Oh, and go to to download the podcast.

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Sweden calling...

So glad I stumbled on your lovely lovely blog today, it's always nice to find other blogger out and about on the net!

Sooooo nice!

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