Saturday, 8 August 2009

being a big kid

Well I think I can finally say I am becoming a big kid. I've set up in the new wood shop 3 weeks ago and it's taken a lot of paint and a little tlc but I finally have a really amazing workspace. This is a little picture of where I spend very long periods of time. There is so much natural light in this place that I can work well into the evening without ever turning on a light bulb!

Other news. I arrived in Toronto for a month reunion tour on Friday after spending what seemed like 27 years in transit. We had a medical emergency on the plane and we had to stop in Quebec City for 2 hours. I don't quite know what was happening but it think it was all under control. I was met at the airport by some Knotty Buoys and my bestest friend Ed. Showers of hugs and kisses and cuddles have been taking place ever since. I'm off to visit my family in their new house in the Blue Mountains on Monday and can't wait. And in a week I will be at my beloved cottage. Eeeeeee! I am soooo excited and having soo much fun (and drinking really really nice americano's.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

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