Friday, 26 June 2009

Things I am going to miss: episode 3

It's pouring rain here. There is nothing quite like torrential summer rain. It hits me pretty deep inside and makes me feel very alive. The wood shop has now been taken apart and so has the entire house. I've got piles of things waiting to to be moved. It's so weird being inside a house without anything on the walls to make it pretty. Oh well, only 1.5 days left.

I realised yesterday that I am going to miss all my nice neighbours. They have been so kind to me and Hazzy. Like today, for example, my neighbour brought me fresh strawberries and a few days ago she brought me eggs. We've been invited to dinner, given cider, fresh vegetables and so many eggs (I can't keep track).
We had this book at my cottage called Orlando and his little time friends. It's about this boy who goes travelling with his parents one summer and he meets all these neat kids at each place they stop. They become his little time friends because he only knows them for a short time. I love making little time friends. Little time friends and little time neighbours, how nice!


pauline said...

you are so sweet. i am sure your little time neighbours will miss you both.

p.s. i miss ya!!

Gregory White Photography said...

I feel like I'm one of your little time friends. we only hung out for a little time then you were gone.

Lost Nation Design said...

Gregory White! I highly disagree. I think you will be a long-time friend. I'm back in a month lets have a beer :)