Friday, 12 June 2009

Knotty Buoys

diana: Paul Ruddering the boat, natalie: copping a feel (as per usual) , alison: looking for her lost compass, me: searching for land

I'm going to Canada for August for a little holiday and I can't wait. I got so homesick last month because I really wanted to see a few very special gals...and now I'm counting down the weeks before we are reunited. We call ourselves the Knotty Buoys, a name that stemmed from a boat I was going to buy that me and my little Natalie were going to live on (which didn't happen in the end). But everything happens for a reason and our stars aligned and through amazing circumstance we all ended up moving in together. So we called our house the Knotty Buoy in honour of the boat and we became the Knotty Buoys.

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