Monday, 18 May 2009

Shanty Time

Shanty Town

On Friday I almost lost my eye. It was the closest I've ever been to a woodworking accident and I hope ever will be. I was making a jig and the nail gun I was using was firing out 2 nails at a time. There was a nail jammed inside it so I removed it from the power source and cleared out the nail. I plugged it back in but it was still firing funny so I unplugged it again and emptied it of nails and removed the face of the gun. I didn't realise that there was a nail loaded into the chamber. So when I removed the face of the gun the nail just shot out at me. I just managed to pull my face back as the nail flew past my eye. It hit my hat though. I dropped the gun and kind of collapsed and then just started to cry. It was so scary. Now I'm 110% safety patrol. I was trying to do things too quickly and I think it was the wood gods reminding me to chill out a bit.

These little houses are part of my Shanty Town. I make them from scrap wood and driftwood. They make nice storage boxes, plus they are purrty cute. Speaking of Shanty....Hazzy's Theatre Company, SHANTY THEATRE COMPANY, fundraiser is this Sunday in London at Menier Chocolat Factory. It's going to be awesome. So if anyone's free and in London on May 24... come and have a drink with us!

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