Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Labour Swap and Links

Jewelry Tree

I'm going to be getting a website in the nearish future and I am so excited. The best bit is that my lovely friend Jen is making it and she is so artistic and talented that I can hardly handle it. We are doing a labour swap so she does my website and I make her a desk (one she can sit at and make more websites!) Her company is called Little White Canvass. Go and have a visit. Sometimes she has websites that she's been working on when you go there. Right now it's of a B&B, it's very very loverly.

I'm off to go buy some wood for our next project. I'm so behind on putting furniture up here. But they are coming. It's just hard now  that the days are longer to be on the computer at night. Lately I don't finish working until about 8:30 and it's still light! How exciting.

Anyways here's a picture of my favourite thing to make. It's a jewelry tree made from driftwood. I'm going to be making some humane antlers soon (when I find time).  Ohhhhh yeah I never put a link through to my Etsy page. 

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