Friday, 16 January 2009

Where is Potatoes?

missing: Potatoes
Down the road from where we live there is a field of rescue animals. 2 horses, 2 geese, 1 goat and a sheep. I've named the horses Dirty 1&2, the geese I call The Bully's because they are rather bossy.The goat is a sweet old thing and I call her Hilde-Goat and that leaves the sheep... Potatoes. God, is she ever beautiful. I often think meeting Potatoes is the equivalent to being in love with that guy in high school who has no idea you exist. For weeks and weeks I would go and visit the field and stand at the gate and see Potatoes 10 meters away. I'd yell 'POTATOES' and she would look up and go back to eating grass. All the other animals would run towards me. I'd pet them and have a little chat but all I wanted was Potatoes to notice me but she never did. It hurt a bit but I know that for a sheep grass is much nicer than a girl. But friends-do not despair! Persistance pays off. Finally after 2 months of trying and beckoning Potatoes got used to me. Just after christmas I went down to the field and saw Potatoes nearby I called her and she came to me! She nuzzled noses with my dog and I pet her. I couldn't believe it! I thanked her for making my life and we parted. After that she was so sweet and friendly, always at the gate when I came by, always around for a scratch, always sweet and friendly until 5 days ago. Potatoes was gone. I can't find her anywhere and it's breaking my heart. She is my little sweet. I've looked in all the fields around us and no sign. It so sad. As soon as we connected she disapears. Where have you gone?

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